What happened to Villa Pointe Milou in 2016

We fell in love with the view.... but the villa was old and in bad shape...

St. Barts Villa Rentals

So we decided to break down the old structure and start from scratch!

breaking down  Villa St Barths

On May 25th 2016 there was nothing left from the old property but the land was ready to get its new villa! 

empty piece of land ready for new villa

On September 16th 2016 the first foundation were already in and the shape of the new villa could be seen.

first foundation of villa St Barths

By October 2016 the lower level was done.

St. Barts Villa Rentals

The end of October 2016 the lap pool was taking shape.

pool is built

And that was when the vision that we had for the villa started becoming reality...

St. Barts Villa Rentals