Surf and Turf night at Le Barthelemy, a unique experience that engages all of the body’s senses of smell, touch, sight, sound and taste, leaving you wanting to make this your Wednesday night ritual.

The smell emanating from the barbeque featuring freshly caught lobster and filet mignon greet you as you enter this luxurious setting.

Your feet touch the sand as you settle into your beachfront table.

The sight of the fire pits blazing, dazzle as they illuminate the sky and showcase the stars decorating the Caribbean sky.

The sound of the ocean fuses seamlessly with the guitar and lovely voice of a local St Barth’s sensation as she serenades you throughout the evening.

The taste of lobster, steak and ceviche melt in your mouth as you savior your meal with crisp white wines from the Loire Valley and bold red wines from the Bordeaux region of France.

Surf and Turf at Le Barthelemy should be on everyone’s bucket list, and for those who frequent St Barth’s often, on their regular list of gastronomic excursions on this tropical island of paradise.